Because they Could: The Dismantling of Public Education in Detroit

From 2009-2017, Emergency Managers closed over 100 schools and displaced over 25,000 students. At the same time, non-Detroit based businesses and consultants are opening privately-managed charter schools all around the city. Photo grid reflects a photo series where I've photograph every school shuttered by Emergency Managers.

The Last Cut, a short documentary on the effects of school closings; co-produced with We the People of Detroit Community Research Collective, 8:57; 2017. Used as an educational tool for state law makers and parent groups, during a threatened wave of school closings. The closings were eventually cancelled.

 Information pamphlet to which I contributed research, from We the People of Detroit Community Research Collective, which I helped to co-found. This pamphlet was distributed through Detroit Independent Freedom Schools. 

Birthday party near Burt Elementary, shuttered in 2010, displacing 275 kids. Photograph 2017.

Back side of an Information pamphlet to which I contributed research and design, from We the People of Detroit Community Research Collective, which I helped to co-found.

A public school in the affluent suburb of Birmingham, MI, where median home value (which effects a district's ability to spend money on facilities) exceeds $400,000.

When schools are closed, block clubs often take on care for the deserted building, which may or may not have been transfered to private hands. Here, a neighbor cuts the grass of the former Guyton Elementary, which closed in 2009, displacing nearly 300 students. Photograph 2017.

 Built and Rebuilt is a deep dive collaborative documentary into one high-performing school's 15 year history, from community-led inception through state-takeover, in one of the most contested areas of the city. Co-produced by the Leonard Kaplan Education Collaborative, Wayne State University, 1:08:33, 2014-2015. The documentary is shown in University settings. 

Aliya and Taliyah Moore at Oakman Elementary School, 2016

Because They Could is a short film on the effects of the closing of Oakman Orthopedic School, co-produced with the Oakman Tiger Parent Association and Aliya Moore, 5:50, 2014. The documentary has been screened by parent groups and public officials.

Student field day at $40,000,000 Detroit Public Schools security headquarters, built in 2012. Photograph 2017.

Southwestern High School, closed 2012. Displaced nearly 800 students.